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For the best gameplay experience, use an Xbox 360 controller when playing this demo.  

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Dire Vengeance is a 2D action platformer where the player takes control of Pandora, a warrior that must decide the fate of her world by venturing into the heart of the Devil Realm to strike down the Eight Generals of Damnation, led by the Higher Evil, a demonic force of pure destruction.

 Equipped with enchanted  armor that shines with golden light as it absorbs the souls of demons, Pandora has the ability to power up her physical abilities on the fly.  She can augment her speed, jumping ability, healing, and even enchant her gleaming blade with flames.

Hidden throughout are  powerful magic subweapons that are fueled by Pandora's regenerating mana. The most powerful of these subweapons are obtained by either finding them in hidden areas or defeating bosses.  

With a grand total of 19 unique subweapons, there is no shortage of ways to dispatch the demonic horde.

Draw  your sword and extract Dire Vengeance!

  • Gorgeous hand painted sprites and colorful animations.  Beautiful high resolution graphics!

  • Flexible power up system that allows you to tailor your upgrades to your own playstyle.

  • 19 unique subweapons.

  • 8 challenging boss enemies.

  • Over 40 monster designs.

  • Demonic mechanisms and platforming obstacles that will push your skills to the limit.

  • 3 difficulty levels each with 8 unique level designs tailored specifically for players of all skill levels, from complete beginners to die hard veterans.  24 levels total in all difficulty levels not including unlockable challenge modes.  

  • Harder difficulties have more monsters, subweapons, and hazards.  Each playthrough is a different experience!

  • Unlockable bonuses!  Extra challenge stages, Boss Rush Mode, and more!

  • Original Heavy Metal score to rock your world!